Tuesday, April 23, 2013

-- FamilySearch receives the facelift --

Saweet! Familysearch has been busy accomplishing things. For those who didn't hear 1 billion records are now indexed through through the indexing program - what a feat!

Also their website delivers exactly what it offered. I note that the homepage is an actual homepage now and not centered on search per se.

I understand this change as people coming to the site for the first time could be confused (am I supposed to search for myself? my father? what?) and maybe this is what familysearch saw. I could see them wanting to welcome people to the site.

They've also proven to be adaptable - I read several other blogs and their ensuing blog posts reviewing the site and thanking familysearch for changing things. I'm thinking of one in particular but that's simply great.

It's the same number of clicks to family tree and only one extra to search from the homepage. I've largely ignored the new features as I haven't ever seen fancharts as helpful. But I do like how people intreged with the prettiness of fancharts can click through and see the tree itself.

I think that once people get used to it's differences from the old familysearch I think they'll realize how few there are. Also there are many opportunities to be had.

Meanwhile I'm busy sourcing evidence for several new found siblings from one of my deadends. #Awesome

As a sign-off: Don't forget to source what you find so that your research doesn't have to be duplicated! Just Do It!

Monday, April 15, 2013

-- New Sign In --

Just noticed that a new signin page has been added. Looks nice no? 

 Anyway nothing else seems to be different as of yet!