Saturday, September 1, 2012

-- Beginners Guide --

I consider myself an amateur genealogist and it is my hope that the information shared over these means can help you to be excited about your own Family History. Ancestry is something that is totally real to me - I really enjoy it and I feel like it's universally loved. 

Fill something like this out to begin your family history with you as No. 1

To help you do that I will refer you to another site: please check this tutorial to help you learn skills which will garner the greatest results for you

To begin from the ground up is a necessityThis is most easily done by talking to the living to pick up as many little details you can. Details such as where your ancestor was and when can be vital to tracking them down. 

To begin your genealogy I would suggest filling out a family tree (Again here it is! Be sure to save it to your computer). Also if you're already GOT a bunch of information try to prove that everything is absolutely correct yourself through records YOU find. If you think you know information about your parentage you should be able to prove it through documents or records. 

One other fact is that many new pieces of information can be found through descendancy, or picking an ancestor and figuring out what happened to each of their children.

Again my hope is that you will trace your lineage for your benefit and enrichment. Especially early on you can get a great sense of who your ancestors are. Even finding out their profession gives you an insight into who you are and where your origins lie. 

There is something to say about the emotional and even sometimes spiritual benefits of family history click here to see some stories from people about that. Or if you are wondering more about the doctrine behind why mormons do genealogy I recommend this link. baptism for the dead; LDS; Latter Day Saints; all this information can be found from that link
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The next post details some Free resources I would suggest! 


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