Saturday, January 5, 2013

FamilySearch Photos

I had heard this rumor from multiple sources and finally it appears to be active and available and not only that it is a functional process. When I began accessing this function a couple of days ago it lead me to an
"invite" link in a pretty straightforward way.

is what I'm talking about here and after signing in you can upload any photo you have on your computer if they are in JPG or PNG format. If they aren't in that format it's fairly easy to change them.

The first thing I did was upload a photo of me and my siblings and you can tag the photo very easily. It keeps track of everyone you have tagged and saves the photo there. However you can not attach the photo to the family tree side of things unless those in the photo are not living. I am excited to begin scanning and uploading significant photos from my family history. I suggest you all do the same that way your co-conspirators meaning your distant cousins or latter descendants can see these photos of these wonderful people.

Sadly I'll not get to the photos I want to right away but as soon as I can I'll do so

The above pictures show the beginning welcoming images inviting the users to
1. Upload your photos
2. Identify people in photos
3. Link people to Tree

Pretty to the point

I had a moment of confusion as to how to upload the photos. Here it is:
Click "All Photos"
Click the + sign
Click where that dotted circle is

The rest is pretty straight forward



  1. I had not seen this posted anywhere else! What a neat service. I really like how they extract the faces out of the photo and list them on the right.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Not a problem Happy to be the source!

  3. I may not be using the service correctly, but it appears that this Photo service is only available to members of the LDS church or those that have been specially invited. I tried going to to sign up, but the same "To gain access to FamilySearch Photos go to" message is repeatedly displayed.

  4. Interesting... Let me know if that ever changes for you. I will try to have some people try it and see if their results are different over here.