Friday, March 8, 2013

--More on FamilySearch Photos--

Hey there seems to be a couple updates to this section of FamilySearch I thought I'd inform you of:

Above you can see in the Familysearch Family Tree view that a photos section has been added. So the photos we tagged before are now appearing right next to the "details" section. You'll notice that the first image I tagged of James is now his profile picture rather than that stock blue or pink silhouette in the upper left section.

Also I noticed their "My Photos" section appears to have been changed to a more collage format. I was uploading 46 new photos and saw that it was "pushing" all the ones I had already completed to the bottom and one by one uploading and then marking them green with "completed" a refresh brought those images to view with a red exclamation mark informing me that no one in them had been tagged yet. 

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