Thursday, March 14, 2013

--Easy way to combine Duplicates--

If your tree is anything like mine you'll find the further you go back the more duplicates for the individuals are. This is because in the course of everyone uploading their GEDCOM's of their research many duplicates were inserted to this one universal Family Tree.

People wishing to get rid of this issue have combined these individuals on the previous iterations of Family Tree however there was a limit of how many you could combine. I would be surprised if the people in your family tree 7-8 generations back don't have hundreds or records "combined" into the individual you see there  and on top of that probably some clear duplicates which can't be combined because the threshold has been reached.

Fear not! This issue is being dealt with -- via this iteration of Family Tree. As I said at THIS point it is still being synced with the older iteration and ergo the threshold remains of how many you can combine. But one of the main tenets of what's to come is to scrap that idea and go to a one record per individual model. meaning what's combine will literally be made one individual. When that happens let me know because there are a couple of annoying duplicates which are in my tree. When two people can't be combined because of a record number issue it will pop up with this:

This annoying little message may be familiar to some of you. Again I'll be happy when this restriction is removed.

Now here's how you do it:

Under a standard merge screen you will see this exact URL<Person1-ID>&otherPerson=<Person2-ID>

This means that Person 2 up there will be merged into Person 1 after your review.

Seems simple enough you just replace the red in the URL with your needed person ID's  (copy and paste in). You can find these ID's under the name of the individual in many places it would looks something like UI5IO-K5J5.

However, that still seemed a tad tedious to me when I'm looking at 8 mothers who are the exact same person. So here's what I discovered. The standard URL for details of an individual are as follows<Person1-ID>&spouse=<spouse of person>

So you can see the SAME identifiers in the URL and near the same structure. For our purposes delete the spousal information in the URL (ie "&spouse=<spouse of person>")

What remains is this (when looking at the details of the individual):

The below you'll recognize from the merging code with the "dummy" code put in there. You'll have to replace your code for the person you want.


So all you have to do is open up those 8 individuals in new tabs so each of their unique id's will show up then using the merging URL follow the pattern to quickly get them all loaded for merging (so there will be 8 URL-As)

Now generate your own URL-B then copy it up until that equal sign before Person2's code. 

Then on your 8 tabs one by one delete everything up until the Person code itself and paste in URL-A. Press Enter

If that doesn't make sense just try it out -- at the end of it you should

Good Luck!

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